Sunday, January 7, 2007

Clint's Experimenters Corner(Link to my page)

Above is part of the Interface that is in the pictures with the PTT

This is a GREAT Voice Keyer to take the strainout of CQing
HF.Digital Voice Keyer on page listed below. Click on the
image to see it's FULL size. The link below is for the SOFTWARE
that you will want to download, The OPTO-ISOLATOR is a
a 4N33 or 4N35.

I have information on how to build a very
effective audio/michrophone booster that
really makes your signal stand out.

This is a LINK to his Web Page

Soon To Come:I will be updating theExperimenters Corner
for anyone who wants to Build some Projects.Some of the
projects will include a Rig Control Interface, CW Interface
in a DB9 Shell. I will try and find the easiest circuits for Hams
to build, nothing to hard.Thank You for reading this and I will
get back soon....73 de Clint VK2ACM

If there are any projects that you are requiring
please send me an email and I will do my best to
get an article put together to help you.....73 Clint

Check back soon for Clint's next project!!

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